The office

Like in a chess game a law firm needs the right strategy, a full understanding of the game and, above all, to have the right decisions in order to win the game. And the goal is Checkmate. This is the mission of Pinheiro and Traldi Law Firm, specialized in corporate business.

The key players in our chessboard are very well experienced and specialized professionals in various areas. Our modern premises in Alphaville and all the high-end needed technology resources facilitate our exceptional practice. The result is a contemporary vision that gives full and real support to our clients to be game winners.

Pinheiro and Traldi focuses its activities mainly in the areas of Civil Law, Taxes and Administrative Corporation. Other specific areas such as the Labor Law and Economic Criminal Law are also well served.

The history of chess is similar to the game itself. Wins and losses, attacks and defenses. The most accepted origin is from India, many years before Christ under the name of Chaturanga. Although the game has expanded to several countries, the game we know today was developed in Persia (today’s Iran) around the year of 531 B.C. After a long period, the Arabs took over the game from the Persians and around the era of the Christian Crusaders in 950 A.D. the game was disseminated around the world. The current known game rules have been established between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Strategic from the beginning to the end, each player has 16 pieces (each of the 6 kinds of pieces moves differently) in a battle representation of the age of chivalry in which there is a king, a queen, two knights, two bishops, two rooks and eight pawns. The one who is aware of all the possibilities and arrives first at the opponent’s king is the winner in the famous checkmate.